As a trusted steward of the city’s pension plan for over 60 years, DERP has helped thousands of eligible City and County of Denver (city) employees, certain employees of the Denver Health and Hospital Authority (DHHA), and DERP staff build, plan, and live a strong retirement future through prudent investment management, exceptional member service, and a commitment to deliver the promised retirement benefits to our members.

The retirement board, the executive director, and DERP staff are committed to managing our assets and liabilities to maintain long-term financial soundness and to have the funds needed to pay every dollar of benefits promised to every current and future retiree.

Retirement Board

We are governed by a five-person retirement board, appointed by the mayor, for staggered six-year terms. The retirement board’s role is to ensure we are appropriately governed and managed. The retirement board acts as trustees for city employees, DHHA-covered employees, retired members, and their beneficiaries. They oversee the investment of assets, approve the operating budget, and set policy. One member must be an active, vested employee and one must be a retired member. The retirement board appoints the executive director, who oversees our day-to-day operations and staff.

Advisory Committee

An advisory committee member represents city employees, DHHA-covered employees, and retired members and presents suggestions and questions to the retirement board. The advisory committee consists of four members who serve staggered three-year terms. One member is appointed by the Denver Career Service Board, and the other three are elected by membership. One elected member must be an active, vested city or DHHA employee, one must be a retired member, and the third can be either a retired member or an active, vested city or DHHA employee. Advisory committee members are not responsible for the administration and management of DERP and do not vote on retirement board motions or resolutions.

Executive Leadership

The executive leadership team is a passionate group of hard-working people comprised of a legal professional, an investment strategist, a financial expert, a benefits and membership leader, and a skilled communicator. As part of a small and dynamic team, each one plays an integral role and brings a unique perspective to the table.