Retirement Board

Diane Barrett

Term expires January 1, 2026

Diane Barrett was appointed to the DERP Retirement Board by Mayor Michael Hancock in March 2020. She began her career as a librarian and entrepreneur before changing direction to go to law school. She practiced law in Denver for nearly 25 years, focusing on municipalities and land development. In 2005, Diane was recruited by then-Mayor John Hickenlooper to help guide completion of the landmark Union Station redevelopment project. In 2011, Mayor Hancock appointed her to be the city’s chief projects officer, a position from which she retired in 2019.

As a retired city employee, Diane understands how integral DERP is to every Denver employee’s later life and is honored to be part of the team that assures the plan and its investments are sound. According to Diane, “I love thinking through all the financial, broad economic, and personal ramifications of the investment decisions we are asked to participate in.”

When she is not attending to DERP Retirement Board business, she enjoys walking outdoors, practicing yoga and reading.

Maurice Goodgaine

Board Chair

Term expires January 1, 2023

Maurice Goodgaine was appointed to the DERP Retirement Board by Mayor Michael Hancock in 2017. He started his career as an accountant, and his professional journey has led him to explore numerous arenas within the financial services industry, including venture capital, tax increment financing, banking, and insurance.

Maurice values the work he does as a member of the DERP Retirement Board and brings with him a dedication to service, accuracy, and planning. “The DERP Board is responsible for safeguarding its future ability to provide retirement funds for retirees on behalf of the City and County,” he said. “I’m honored to share my financial expertise with DERP.”

A sporting enthusiast, Maurice enjoys walking, biking, and watching sports in his free time.

Guadalupe Gutierrez-Vasquez

Term expires January 1, 2027

Guadalupe Gutierrez-Vasquez was appointed to the DERP Retirement Board by Mayor Michael Hancock in 2014. She has worked for the City and County of Denver since 2007, beginning as a senior analyst and currently serving as managing director of capital funding within the Department of Finance. Over the years, she is proud to have participated in and contributed to Denver’s major bond initiatives from the 2007 Better Denver Bond Program to the major capital programs at Denver International Airport, which have included projects such as the Hotel and transit center, and the Great Hall.

Guadalupe is driven by values that include respect, accountability, commitment, and inclusiveness. She believes it is her “duty and obligation, both as an employee and a beneficiary, to contribute and advise on oversight of the plan.” Her unique perspective—as a Latina, first generation college graduate, and daughter of immigrants, combined with her background and experience in finance—enriches the work of the board.

In her free time, Guadalupe enjoys the outdoors, especially hiking with her husband and young son. She also loves to cook.

Eric S. Rothaus

Term expires January 1, 2022

Eric Rothaus was appointed to the DERP Retirement Board by Mayor Michael Hancock in 2012 and is the longest serving Board member. He has been involved in the arenas of politics and policy for nearly 25 years, including a position in Senator Ben Nighthorse Campbell’s Washington, D.C. office; a role in Diana DeGette’s first campaign for U.S. Congress; and serving as Colorado’s Deputy State Treasurer. During his career, he also found himself working on the Summit of the Eight, which Denver hosted in 1997; as a policy advisor to Governor Roy Romer; as Assistant Attorney General to Ken Salazar and John Suthers; and as an executive for the Biennial of the Americas before returning to his role as Deputy State Treasurer in 2019.

Eric feels it is crucial to treat others the way we would like to be treated. “I’ve always believed we have an obligation to make the world a better place than we found it,” he said. In his position as a Board member he feels, “We owe it to our city employees to be sure that their retirement funds are safely invested and that those funds ultimately provide a quality retirement. Every decision we make is with both current employees and retirees in mind. The decisions we make have an impact immediately, but also over a lifetime.”

With a demanding job that limits his free time, Eric is happiest spending that time with the people he enjoys. He feels especially at home as the member of an audience – whether for a movie, sporting event, or appreciating the arts.

Lisa Zúñiga Ramirez, CFA

Term expires January 1, 2025

Lisa Zúñiga Ramirez was appointed to the DERP Retirement Board by Mayor Michael Hancock in January 2021. Her 31-year career in the financial services industry was launched when she was selected as a college intern in the minority internship program, INROADS Colorado. She went on to be a partner and senior portfolio manager at Denver Investments LLC, and then a principal and senior portfolio manager when Denver Investments LLC was acquired by Segall Bryant & Hamill in 2018. She received her CFA charter in 1997. During her time at Denver Investments, Lisa was instrumental in helping to grow its small cap value strategy to over $2 billion. Lisa retired in late 2020 to spend time with her sons, pursue corporate directorships, and give back to the community.

Learning, working hard and demonstrating  integrity, empathy and acceptance to her children drives Lisa to pursue excellence in all she does. In her role as a member of the DERP Retirement Board, she appreciates being able to use her financial knowledge and experience to help others. “Protecting and growing the retirement benefits of members and retirees, who have dedicated themselves to the City of Denver, is an honor and a privilege,” she said.

When she’s not working or volunteering, Lisa enjoys spending time with her husband and twin teenage boys, playing golf, and hosting get-togethers with family and friends.

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