RetireStrong Education Program


A revamped RetireStrong Education Program is coming soon! Watch for announcements in the Denver Employee Bulletin (DEB) in early 2022. If you have questions about your DERP Pension Benefit or your DERP Plus Benefits email

Whether you are a new member, midway through your career, or nearing retirement, the DERP RetireStrong Education Program will help you understand your benefits at any stage of your career. Each seminar will be designed to guide and answer questions depending on where you are in your life and career, but you will be able to attend any of them whenever you want.


New Members – Understanding Your DERP Pension Benefit

Your DERP Pension Benefit is your foundation for a strong retirement future. It begins the day you start your job and will provide you and your beneficiaries a guaranteed lifetime income upon retirement, disability, or death. As a new member, retirement may be the furthest thing from your mind, but it’s important to learn about your DERP Pension Benefit, the range of DERP Plus Benefits available, and the four steps you need to take as a new member. Reps from Summit Savings and Nationwide will share information to help you understand the importance of supplementing your DERP Pension Benefit with additional investments and explain how to get started.


Mid-Career – Sharpen Your Focus

When you are midway through your career, it’s time to gain a deeper understanding of your DERP Pension Benefit. You’ll gain insight into the DERP Plus Benefits to ensure that you and your loved ones are covered. We’ll go over joint and survivor benefits, disability retirement, the lump-sum death benefit and more. We’ll also go over how to calculate your monthly retirement income, the retirement process, and the six steps you need to take to prepare for retirement. Summit Savings and Nationwide will also be there to talk about supplemental savings strategies.


Late-Career – Plan and Prepare

Even if you can retire, you may not be ready. But because it’s one of the biggest decisions you’ll make, it’s never too early to plan and prepare. In this seminar we’ll outline the six steps you need take so that you are ready once you make the decision to retire. Summit Savings and Nationwide will also join us to talk about supplemental savings strategies.



Ready to Retire - Ensuring Your Smooth Transition

Are you thinking of retiring soon? Start by learning about the five steps you need to take to ensure a smooth transition to retirement. There are a lot of decisions you will have to make, documents to gather, and filing dates to meet before you can begin to collect your monthly DERP Pension Benefit. Because your choices uniquely impact your retirement future, it’s important to give yourself enough time to review your DERP Plus Benefits and options to ensure your countdown to retirement is on track and there are no delays. Retiring in less than two years? This meeting will cover the retirement decisions and timelines you’ll need to consider as well as the required documents you’ll need to gather as you begin this important transition. Summit Savings and Nationwide will also be available to discuss your options moving forward.