Mission, Vision, and Values


Our Mission

To provide promised retirement benefits and exceptional support and service to our members through prudent investment and administration.

Our Vision

To remain financially secure, to exceed evolving customer service expectations, and to be recognized as best in class among public retirement systems.

Our Values

In fulfilling our mission and vision, we will:

  • Demonstrate sound leadership in governing and managing the DERP Pension Benefit.
  • Cultivate accountability to each other and to all who rely on us by taking responsibility for our decisions and actions.
  • Maintain the transparency required and expected of a public retirement plan.
  • Communicate clearly, and engage proactively, with all audiences within our operating
  • Operate with integrity and professionalism in our business practices.
  • Approach issues in a timely and strategic manner, consistent with fiduciary standards of conduct.
  • Passionately deliver on our mission to all members.
  • Foster teamwork and collaboration by respecting diversity and different points of view.
  • Strive for innovation and improvement through the pursuit of continuous learning.