Executive Leadership

Executive Director

Heather K. Darlington, CPA
Directs the overall management ensuring DERP accomplishes its mission and strategic initiatives set forth by the retirement board.

Benefits and Membership Services Director

Veronica Kirchhevel
Delivers a great member experience for each member and creates positive relationships managing membership activities, education, and benefit programs.

Chief Investment Officer

Randall Baum, CFA
Manages all investment related duties and risk exposures, working closely with investment advisors to develop and execute the investment strategies necessary to manage and preserve DERP’s portfolio.

Finance and Technology Director

Jake Huolihan, CPA
Utilizes forward thinking strategies to provide strategic direction and oversight that conforms to generally accepted accounting principles and actuarial best practices and directs technical infrastructure.

General Counsel

James E. Thompson III
Provides legal advice, representation, and services to the retirement board, the executive director, and DERP staff.

Marketing and Communications Director

Julie Vlier
Develops and implements marketing, communication, and educational strategies to strengthen DERP’s presence, create awareness, communicate value, and enhance the member experience.

To contact the an executive leadership team member, email Help@DERP.org