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New/Early Career

As a new employee of the City and County of Denver, you are automatically enrolled in the Denver Employees Retirement Plan (DERP). After you earn five years of service credit, you become vested and are eligible to receive a monthly lifetime DERP Pension Benefit. You also receive a range of other benefits, including survivor and disability benefits. Some start right away. Others you earn as your career advances.

How Does Your DERP Pension Benefit Work?

  • You and the city contribute a percentage of each paycheck, pretax, to your DERP Pension Benefit.
  • Your monthly DERP Pension Benefit is built on a formula based on your age, length of service, and salary, not the contributions you make. The longer you work for the city, the higher your monthly benefit will be.
  • When you leave, if you’re vested, you qualify for a monthly lifetime DERP Pension Benefit. The combination of your pension, Social Security, and personal savings and investments will provide you with retirement income to live a secure retirement future.

Watch the video Welcome to Denver Employees Retirement Plan to learn more.


Four Steps to Take as a New/Early Career Member

As a new member, retirement may be the furthest thing from your mind. But because your DERP Pension Benefit begins the day you start your job, it’s important to take the following steps now to get your retirement on track from the start.

Step 1 – Create Your Account

Your account is a secure online resource where you can view and update your information, enroll in seminars, request an appointment with a membership services representative, and more.

Set up your account now.

Need help? Review the 5 Steps to Creating Your Account.

Step 2 – Designate Your Beneficiaries

It’s important to designate a primary beneficiary to ensure any benefits payable upon your death are paid as you desire. You can also designate a contingent beneficiary in the event you and your primary beneficiary pass away at the same time.

Watch the video The Importance of DERP Beneficiaries to learn more about protecting your loved ones today and into the future. 

Log in to your account and click the Beneficiary button to designate your beneficiaries.

Step 3 – Learn About Your Benefits

Attend the RetireStrong New/Early Career – Understanding Your DERP Pension Benefit Seminar and learn about your DERP Pension Benefit.

Watch for this seminar, and other RetireStrong seminars, in the Denver Employee Bulletin or DEB and the city’s digital signage.

Watch the video Benefits of Being a Member to learn more about the wide range of benefits available to you. 

Step 4 – Set Up a Summit Savings Deferred Compensation Plan

Summit Savings is a separate, personal, retirement savings (457b) program offered by the City and County of Denver. The Summit Savings plan is designed to complement Social Security, and your personal savings and investments, providing additional financial and retirement planning options.

Visit the city’s Summit Savings website to learn more about the Summit Savings Deferred Compensation plan.



Partner Resources

  • Visit the city’s Summit Savings website to learn more about the Summit Savings Deferred Compensation Plan.
  • Visit the city’s Denver Wellness website to learn more and take advantage of health and financial literacy programs.