We’re excited to share that our revamped RetireStrong Education Program will launch in June. Our overhauled education program is designed to meet your needs at all the different stages of your life and career. Whether you’re a new member, midway through your career, or nearing retirement, our RetireStrong Education Program will help you understand your benefits and the steps you need to take at every stage of your career to ensure a strong retirement future.

Why did we redesign our member education program?

You told us you didn’t understand your DERP Pension Benefit and you said you didn’t know what your role was to ensure a strong retirement future. We heard you, accepted the challenge, and went to work!

Our goal was to create an easy-to-understand educational program to support you throughout your retirement. Our redesigned program includes three seminars based on your life and career stage — new/early career, mid to late career, and ready-to-retire. The content is clear, simple, and easy to understand, and the information is relevant and tailored so you can make informed decisions at each stage of your retirement journey.

What’s new and different about the RetireStrong Education Program?

In the new RetireStrong Education Program we partner with you on your retirement journey. Even though we manage your retirement benefits you also have an important role to play to prepare for a secure retirement, starting with understanding how your benefits work. Our newly designed RetireStrong Education Program educates you about your DERP Pension Benefit, your DERP Plus Benefits, and guides you at every stage to ensure have a strong financial future.

When will the RetireStrong Education Program launch?

The first seminar in the RetireStrong Education Program, for new and early career members, will debut in June. The other two seminars–mid to late career and ready-to-retire—will roll out over the next few months.

Watch for announcements on our website, in the Denver Employee Bulletin or DEB, and the city’s digital signage.


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