On Monday, April 19, 2021, the Denver Employees Retirement Plan (DERP), the retirement benefits administrator for the City and County of Denver, unveiled a new look, website, and member centric experience designed to strengthen awareness, understanding, and engagement with DERP members.

As a trusted steward of the City’s pension plan for over 50 years, DERP has helped thousands of eligible City and County of Denver employees, certain employees of the Denver Health and Hospital Authority, and DERP staff build, plan, and live a strong retirement future through prudent investment management, exceptional member service, and a commitment to deliver the promised retirement benefits to our members.

Over the past decades, while much has changed around us, the need for a secure retirement future remains as important as ever. Using insights gathered through research, we learned a lot about what our members need and want from us in order to effectively prepare for their retirement future. Our new brand positioning language, messaging, and brand architecture reflect the forward-thinking ways we are prepared to help our members achieve their retirement dreams today and into the future.

Members spoke, and we listened. We learned members value saving for retirement, but they want more clarity about how their DERP retirement benefits work and help with retirement planning across their career. They want to hear from us and have information that is easy-to-understand and tailored to their retirement journey,” said Heather Darlington, Executive Director of DERP.

DERP’s New Brand and Logo

DERP’s new brand was created based on feedback and insights gathered from a robust research process involving the use of focus groups, interviews, and an electronic survey of hundreds of DERP members.

  • Our Brand

Our new brand reflects and supports our vision, mission, and values, and our new platform, Powering Your Future, Together., signals what we seek to accomplish which is to provide members a better understanding of and engagement with their DERP retirement benefits across their career. It also encourages members to take an active role in planning for their retirement future.

  • Our Logo

DERP’s strengthened member-focus is reflected in a new, friendly, vibrantly-colored logo reflecting the diversity of active and retired members and DERP’s longstanding relationship with the city. Our logo also gives a nod to the city’s brand incorporating complementary colors. Additionally, with its rounded edges, it resembles the Wells Fargo Center skyscraper – also known as the Cash Register Building – for the way its upper floors resemble the shape of an antique cash register.

  • Our Website

The new website is easy to navigate, interactive, and provides robust information about the organization, retirement benefits, DERP member education programs, resources, and retirement planning tools. Information is targeted and relevant to members based on their life and career stage.

We want the website to become a one-stop resource for our members and help them stay informed and engaged with their retirement benefits,” says Julie Vlier, Marketing and Communications Director for DERP. “We also want to drive members to MyDERP.org where they can securely and conveniently view and update their information, enroll in education seminars, calculate a retirement benefit estimate, and more,” adds Vlier.

  • Our Communication and Education Strategy

DERP’s new communication strategy is designed to educate, engage, and empower members. Members will be able to take an active role toward building, planning, and living a secure retirement future while serving the city they love. Members will find a wide range of redesigned member communications, including a comprehensive Active Member Handbook, and guidebooks for Disability Benefits, Purchasing Service Credit, and Divorce and Domestic Relations Orders.

And finally, in an effort to reinforce the value and importance of DERP member education, DERP will redesign its current education content and create a RetireStrong Education Program supporting members across career stages, including new/early career, mid-career, late-career and ready-to-retire. Future plans include producing self-guided videos to support member education.

We want to demonstrate that DERP is more than a retirement plan. We are a retirement partner with a full range of benefits, programs, and resources to support strong retirement futures. Our goal with the new brand is to reflect this on every front,” said Vlier.

Some Things Won’t Change

Even though we have a new look, we are still dedicated to providing our members with the best possible customer service.

As a DERP member, your DERP Pension Benefit is one of the most important benefits you receive as it provides a guaranteed life-long monthly pension for you, or your beneficiary, when you retire or upon disability or death. We are committed to providing DERP members with information, education, guidance, and support needed to ensure a secure retirement.” says Roni Kirchhevel, Benefits and Membership Services Director for DERP.

We’re thankful for our members and incredibly proud of the work we do. Our new brand reflects our commitment to educate, engage, and empower members across all stages of their careers, empowering with information and guidance so they can make informed retirement decisions every step of the way. We are committed to powering retirement futures, together.

For additional information email Julie Vlier, Director of Marketing and Communications.