The 2024 Open Enrollment period is October 2-31, 2023. Now is the time to look at how you used your health insurance this year, anticipate how you will use your health insurance next year, and fine-tune your package to match!

If you like the health insurance plans you have you don’t need to do anything during Open Enrollment. Your coverage(s) and carrier(s) will remain the same for 2024.

Have you reviewed the Your Guide to 2024 DERP Retiree Health Insurance book?

The Your Guide to 2024 DERP Retiree Health Insurance book was mailed to the address in your account. The book provides a wealth of information to help you select medical, dental, and/or vision plans for the upcoming year.

Are there rate changes for 2024?

Yes, the changes are highlighted below.


  • Increase to the non-Medicare medical plan rates
  • Increase to the Humana Medicare Advantage plan rates
  • Hearing aid coverage on all Humana Medicare Advantage plans
  • No change to the Kaiser Permanente Colorado Senior Advantage plan rate
  • In-home care for 8-hours per month on the Kaiser Permanente Colorado Senior Advantage plan


  • No change to the Cigna and Delta Dental plan rates


  • No change to the VSP vision plan rates

How do you make changes to your health insurance plans?

All changes must be made through your account.

If you modify your health insurance plan(s) how do you know your changes have been received?

When you modify your health insurance plan(s), you’ll see a message on your screen telling you your request has been submitted to DERP for approval. Your status will display Submitted Pending Approval.

After a membership services representative reviews your choices and verifies all necessary documentation is included, your status will change to Approved. This process may take up to three business days.

Do you need more information?

Click Retired Members on the navigation bar, select Health Insurance, and expand the 2024 Health Insurance Options accordion to view carrier presentations and download pamphlets.

What’s the deadline to make changes to your coverage?

Open Enrollment closes Tuesday, October 31 at midnight Mountain Time.

If you miss this deadline, you’ll have to wait until the next Open Enrollment period to make changes, unless you experience a qualifying life event.

When does your new health insurance plan coverage start?

Your new health coverage starts Monday, January 1, 2024.


Email or call (303) 839-5419 Monday-Friday, from 8:00 a.m-5:00 p.m.