Understanding your retirement benefits is an important part of preparing for a secure financial future. That’s why we’ve launched a series of educational videos to make it easier and more convenient for members and their loved ones to learn about DERP retirement benefits.

These videos are part of our RetireStrong Education Program, helping you play an active role in your retirement future and make informed decisions along the way.

Whether you’re a new member, midway through your career, or ready to retire, the animated videos explain the nuts and bolts of your retirement benefits. You’ll learn about the important decisions and actions at different career and life stages to keep your retirement on track.

Here are the first four videos:

  • Welcome to DERP – In this video viewers will learn about the wide range of retirement benefits, services, and resources available to support a strong retirement future.
  • The Benefits of Being a Member – Viewers who watch this video will gain insight into the range of programs and services that makes saving for retirement automatic and easy, while providing you and your loved ones a guaranteed monthly lifetime income upon retirement, disability, or death.
  • Getting Ready to Retire – This video is for members who are starting to think about retirement, or for those who’ve made the decision to retire. The video guides them through the many things they need to consider to ensure a smooth transition to retirement.
  • The Importance of DERP Beneficiaries – This video explains why it’s important for active and inactive vested members to designate beneficiaries with DERP to protect their loved ones today and tomorrow.

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